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In today's age of connectivity it is important for businesses and organizations to have a strong online presence. As the majority of consumers search for their goods and services online the demand for easy to use, aesthetically pleasing sites has increased. More importantly, the widespread use of mobile devices has prompted the development of more dynamic web pages that can be viewed across multiple browsers and screen sizes, ranging from your laptop to the smartphone you carry in your pocket. That said, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Virgilio Maldonado, and I am a Front End Web Designer/Developer. I implement HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to create robust and responsive websites which are functional and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, I am also able to implement mobile first frameworks like Bootstrap or customize themes using Wordpress. Implementing various elements allows the end user to easily navigate and interact with an online presence in a way that is efficient and enjoyable across multiple platforms. Please feel free to navigate through my site and view my qualifications and samples of my work.


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Implemented WordPress
Implemented HTML5 and CSS to customize template
Created design elements with Adobe Illustrator
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Developed a responsive, mobile first website using Bootstrap framework
Implemented HTML5 and CSS
Created design elements with Adobe Illustrator

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